Embrace your anger

Since my early 20s, I've been grateful to my anger. It pushed me to have difficult conversations and guard my boundaries. Without it, I wouldn't have been able to defend myself and move towards the direction I dreamt of. But it's not always easy. Anger is not the most popular emotion in social settings. Many of us repress it deeply within ourselves because that's how we were raised and conditioned. Guess where all the repressed anger went? The answer is nowhere! They are all still in there bottled up! And that can be dangerous. When the body cannot hold the accumulating anger anymore, it either explodes (e.g. violence) or implodes (e.g. depression, suicide). Some ways to listen to your anger and allow it to flow through your body:

1) Allow yourself to feel the anger. Try not judging yourself for being angry. Just like any other emotion, anger is your body's only way of telling you something important. It will go away after you have addressed its request.

2) Listen to the message of your anger. Ask yourself, if your anger could speak, what would it say? Say it out loud or write it down.

3) Take the healthy action necessary to release the anger. It could be hitting a pillow, screaming in a safe place, writing down everything your anger wants to do, venting to a trusted friend, or the most effective but difficult-have an honest conversation with the person who made you angry. To have a healthy relationship with your own anger means a more authentic and free flowing life. It's a challenging but rewarding process. If you don't want to go through it alone, I'm here to support you. Call or email me for your free initial consultation. Link in bio. Follow me @therapywithyiwen for tips to get along with yourself and everyone else ✨

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