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Listen to your anger

To listen to your anger is not to blindly follow what it wants you to do, but to have an ear for what message it carries. You feel angry FOR A REASON. Anger is your body's direct way of telling you something is off. So listen to it. Growing up as a woman in the Chinese culture, I was used to repressing my anger and avoiding conflicts. As I learned to put more efforts in my emotional growth, I became more aware of what my anger has been telling me. The messages they carry are not always easy to hear, but hearing them gives me a chance to make informed choices. For me, the reward is worth the efforts. Here are a few messages my anger had told me in the past: *Wait a minute, that's unfair. Do something! *You got triggered because he reminds you of the part you don't like about yourself! *Ouch! That hurts so much! I'm gonna come out so you don't feel that pain. *Okay that's embarrassing. Let me take over and cover up that uncomfortable feeling for you! A lot of times your anger could say multiple things at one time. Other times you may not be able to figure out what it is trying to say. That's all fine and normal. What matters is that you have an awareness for the meaning behind your anger. This awareness will help you feel less guilty for being angry, grow compassion for yourself and understand yourself (that means understand others as well) on a much deeper level. What message has your anger sent you?

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