Meet Yaying Ma, our new associate therapist!

We are pleased to announce that a passionate therapist, Yaying Ma, has joined our practice!

Yaying is a native Mandarin speaker and very familiar with working with issues international students commonly face. She provides sliding scale for clients with financial needs. If you'd like to schedule a free 15-min consultation with Yaying, please email

From Yaying:

I have been passionate about psychology since I was in high school. In 2019, I came to NYC to pursue advanced training in mental health counseling at Fordham University.

During my previous work, I provided counseling to diverse immigrant individuals and their families in Queens, NY. By working with them, I gained a deeper understanding of the impact of the cultural differences, and how our past makes us become the person we are today. As an international student, I have experienced the struggles and difficulties of adopting a new culture myself. I am aware of how this transition period could be exciting yet challenging.

Seeking help is not easy, as you are reading this, you already took the first and the bravest step. I believe in the healing power that comes from a genuine connection. Together, we can co-create a space for you to explore, feel and heal at your own pace.

I hope I can be a bridge to help you connect your different inner parts, and I am willing to stand by you with all my heart, to be your support, ally, and witness through your journey.


随着旅途的行进,“包袱”越来越重,负重的你也走得越来越辛苦。 在看似“只是简单的聊天”的背后,心理咨询其实蕴含着巨大的能量。每个人所有的情绪、想法,以及正在遭受的痛苦等需要被看到和理解,然后才能找到自己独有的方法“减重“,继续向前。


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