Not sure if you want to go to that party?

Have you ever wondered why people tend to have more personal space in big cities? Counterintuitive, isn't it? Shouldn't there be less space when there are more people? Living in NYC often gets me to think about the relationship between a person and her surrounding social circles. We need people to share the joy, to get support, and to feel belonged. We also need to be alone to think, to relax and to be free. All of us are in the process of finding the balance between introversion and extroversion. It can be an ever changing journey. There's no perfect answer. Once a friend told me whenever he is at a party he wants to go home, but when he is at home he feels he should be at a party. The deeper issue here is not whether he should go to the party, but how sure he is of his choice. Next time you are not sure if you want to go to that party, instead of make a pros and cons list in your head, ask your body: which choice makes me feel more physically grounded? Go with that one. * * Follow me on Instagram @therapywithyiwen for tips to get along better with yourself and everyone else ✨ 📷 credit: @acaseoftheshapes

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