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Yi Wen is the most professional and compassion mental health counselor that I ever met. She changed my life from inner, she made me understand myself better...... I feel very grateful that I spent almost 2 years seeing her. It was a wonderful & precious inner journey in my life. Highly recommended!!!

------------- Former Client, CE

I had always toyed with the idea of therapy as a way to get a better control on my anxiety. However I had also been skeptical and decided to finally give it a try. She makes sure to be available and patiently listen to me. Over this period we have explored many of the issues that have potentially contributed to my anxiety and certainly feel that it has helped me improve my work performance and overall mental well-being. I would recommend her to anyone who is seeking help to explore their own issues in a warm, non-judgmental and caring relationship.


-------------- Former Client, DM

Yiwen is thoughtful and caring and a great listener. Will guide your way through your problems even when it feels difficult.

-------------- Former Client, SJ

Yiwen Fan is a highly trained supportive Psychotherapist extremely knowledgeable about the mental health needs of the Chinese and Chinese American people.

-------------- Former Supervisor, Lee Zevy, LCSW

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